Water Features

Water features add another aspect to a garden. Water reflects light and the sound of running water can be very relaxing.  Not only does water allow for a more varied style of planting, but a water feature can also bring wildlife into the garden, and be an excellent feature, especially with use of lighting and moving water.


Garden ponds can be built using pre-formed tanks or liners, or for a more flexible shape and size, a pond liner would be used. The edge of the pond can be either paved or for a more natural look a gravelled or planted edge to the pond can be used, this also allow easier access for wildlife.

The inclusion of a pump or water feature keeps the water moving, creates background noise of running water and helps to aerate the water,  which will all add interest to the feature.

Water Features

If space is limited, but you would like the affects of water, there are a variety of water features available, including cascades, standing rocks and bubble fountains. They are available in many different materials including stainless steel, copper, natural stone and pre-moulded plastic. We can also build a bespoke feature